6 Inch Amber Oval Recessed Strobe Light With 24 LED

Rated SAE J845 Class 2 with 6 flashes per second.

Quantity: 8


  • Energy saving power with 24 bright LEDs.
  • Can flash up to six times per second.
  • Uses a PL-3 connection.
  • Impact-resistant plastic housing.
  • IP67 rated for water and dust resistance.
  • Backed with a 5 year warranty.


Buyers Products 6 Inch Oval LED Recessed Strobe Light has 24 LEDs and can flash six times per second. SAE J595 Class 2 rated. It features a 12-24V power range and has impact-resistant plastic housing.

The light is available in clear or amber and is rated SAE J595 Class 2. The light features impact-resistant plastic housing, has a 12-24V power range, and includes a grommet and PL-3 plug for installation.

Lights are rated IP67 for water and dust resistance and are backed with a 5 year warranty.