SaltDogg® Spreaders

The Best Salt Spreaders in Northeast Ohio | Cleveland, Akron, Bedford, Twinsburg

We have the full line of Buyers Products' SaltDogg Salt Spreaders for sale at our shop in Oakwood Village, OH. These include:

  • Walk-behind Spreaders (great for deicing sidewalks!)
  • ATV & UTV Spreaders (great year-round to deice, spread fertilizer, and more)
  • Tailgate Salt Spreaders for Trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs
  • Hopper Spreaders for Pickups
  • Mid-Size Spreaders for Platform Bodies, Dump Bodies, and Larger Pickup Trucks
  • Replacement Tailgate Spreaders for Dump Bodies
  • Municipal Spreaders
  • Combo Body Dump Spreaders


Top Features of SaltDogg Salt Spreaders

  • Capacities ranging from 4 cubic feet to 16 cubic yards and beyond
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel or poly hoppers
  • Powerful auger or conveyor chain feeds
  • Variable speed in-cab controls on most models
  • Ready-to-work out-of-the-box with included accessories
  • Made right here in Northeast Ohio at Buyers' manufacturing facility in Mentor, OH


Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your Salt Spreading Needs in the Greater Cleveland / Akron Area

In addition to the salt spreaders themselves, we also offer:

Whether you're just getting into the deicing game or you're a seasoned veteran, we are here to serve every salt spreader in Cleveland, Akron, Bedford, Twinsburg, and all surrounding areas. 

For more information or to get a quote, give us a call at 440-701-2000.


Salt Spreader Financing Available

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Check Out These Videos to See SaltDogg Salt Spreaders in Action