Pallet (56) 50 Lbs. Bag Dragon Melt Premium Ice & Snow Melter

56 bags of uniform, free-flowing ice melt. Small uniform granules allow for an even application, and the material's green color is easy to see to reduce wasted material. The green color is water-based and will not stain. Dragon Melt also includes an organ


  • Granules are coated with liquid Magnesium Chloride.
  • Unique blend of melting agents delivers three times the melting performance of other brands at temperatures below 10 F
  • Melts ice at temperatures up to -12 F.


  • Dragon melt will not harm your lawn and plants when used according to directions.
  • Unlike other ice melters, Dragon Melt will not leave a slippery residue on carpets or floors.
  • Green colored granules are easier to see, reducing wasted product.
  • Green color is water-based and will not stain.