Leonard Forged Round Point Shovel With 48-Inch Fiberglass Handle

Strength and durability without the weight of all steel.

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  • The strongest of all blade types, this head and shank are forged from a single bar of steel
  • Turned step
  • Round point style
  • Solid shank
  • New fiberglass Handles - Fiberglass without any plastic molding. Like the composite the head connection area is a solid fiberglass, the balance of the fiberglass is shaped like a honeycomb, not a hollow tube and not solid. There are some resins used in a thin surface veil which provides prevents splintering and provides UV protection. But this handle is mostly fiberglass, where the composite is a mix of both materials.
  • This shovel is designed for the heavy user that needs a quality tool
  • Solid shank means there isn't any place for soil to catch and build up at the bottom of the shank, like an open back style
  • High handle lift means you don't have to bend over so far to get soil out of a hole you are digging
  • The turned step is easier on your feet, especially when wearing soft-soled shoes
  • The round point is designed to make penetration faster and easier


Stronger than the average fiberglass handle. Strength and durability without the weight of all steel. A.M. Leonard's forged round point blade available with a high strength fiberglass handle. The handle is constructed of thousands of continuous strands for maximum strength, then surrounded by a polyester resin veil that prevents splintering. Extended tab socket with double rivet connection. Blade measures 9 1/4-inch x 12-inch with a handle lift of 28 1/4-inch. Weight, 6 lb. 4 oz. Handle length, 48-inch.



  • Blade measures 9 and 1/4" x 12"
  • Handle lift of 28 and 1/4"
  • Weight 6 lb, 4 oz
  • Handle length 48



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