Leonard Trimmer Line .105 Twist, 5-Pound Spool

Cuts quickly and cleanly!

Quantity: 1


  • Twist style trimmer line
  • Premium-grade resin material
  • Multiple cutting edges
  • Twist style trimmer line increases aerodynamics
  • Multiple cutting edges cut quickly and cleanly
  • Twisted line reduces noise and decreases vibration
  • Improves fuel consumption and battery life

Aero-Glide™ Trimmer Line is made using a premium-grade resin. This line measures .105 inches in diameter. It's packaged in a five-pound spool.

This style of trimmer line features multiple cutting edges. This multi-edge design cuts cleanly and quickly. The twisted shape improves the aerodynamics of the line. This improvement reduces noise and decreases vibration, which enhances fuel/battery efficiency.

A.M. Leonard makes their trimmer line to last. The premium-grade resin material increases the life of the line.


  • Line shape: Twist
  • Line diameter (inches): .105
  • Line length (feet): 1,170
  • Material: Resin
  • Packaging: Five-pound spool
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