SaltDogg® DumperDogg® Replacement Tailgate Spreader

Buyers Products SaltDogg DumperDogg® Replacement Tailgate Spreader replaces the tailgate of a DumperDogg® dump insert.

Article number: 5535000WEB

Buyers Products SaltDogg® Electric DumperDogg® Replacement Tailgate Spreader is designed to install in place of the tailgate of a DumperDogg dump insert. The spreader is easy to mount and remove. It maintains high clearance, making it ideal for spreading bulk salt or a 50/50 salt/sand mix with a DumperDogg.

The spreader is constructed of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. It features an anti-flow plate as well as a lifting loop for ease of installation. The spreader is equipped with a 5 in. dual flight auger with 3/8 in. flighting and a breaker bar with mixing tines that keeps material moving and screens on either end. It's powered by a 3/4 HP motor.

An independent 1/2 HP motor powers the 14 in. hinged poly spinner and can spread material up to 20 ft. The spreader is controlled by a heavy duty in-cab controller with independent variable speeds for the auger and spinner.